Sunday, July 19, 2015

Half Century Cinema

Hey all. For those who casually read this blog, it's obvious that I have stopped posting. Why? Lack of interest, I guess. It's hard to talk about movies in a way that's already been done before, knowing that it has been done before. So, I have channeled my energy into a new project.


What is Half Century Cinema? It's my new podcast which discusses movies that came out fifty years ago, up to the week, every week. Currently there are only two episodes up, but there will be another one up tomorrow discussing William Asher's horrid How to Stuff a Wild Bikini. For all parties interested in the podcast, I recommend going on the podcasts app on any Apple device and searching for "half century cinema", or following the soundcloud page, which is here.

Enclosed is season 1 of the podcast.
And for all who read TheScreenTeen blog for the years it was updated, I thank you.