Sunday, July 19, 2015

Half Century Cinema

Hey all. For those who casually read this blog, it's obvious that I have stopped posting. Why? Lack of interest, I guess. It's hard to talk about movies in a way that's already been done before, knowing that it has been done before. So, I have channeled my energy into a new project.


What is Half Century Cinema? It's my new podcast which discusses movies that came out fifty years ago, up to the week, every week. Currently there are only two episodes up, but there will be another one up tomorrow discussing William Asher's horrid How to Stuff a Wild Bikini. For all parties interested in the podcast, I recommend going on the podcasts app on any Apple device and searching for "half century cinema", or following the soundcloud page, which is here.

Enclosed is season 1 of the podcast.
And for all who read TheScreenTeen blog for the years it was updated, I thank you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First trailer for Jason Reitman's 'Men, Women, and Children'!

Based on the October release date, it looks like Paramount has a lot of faith in this picture. Basing off this trailer, I definitely do too. The large ensemble cast looks very strong (ADAM SANDLER!), and if the tone of the movie is anything like the trailer, I'm in.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

New images from Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar'!

The movie looks out of this world. Can't wait!

via Indiewire.

First official look at PT Anderson's 'Inherent Vice'.

I had many 'most anticipated films of 2014', with the likes of the already-seen / loved Boyhood and soon-to-be-seen Interstellar and Foxcatcher. Probably on top of the list now is Inherent Vice, from the genius behind There Will Be Blood and The Master.

This is ripped from the new summer issue of EW. Now, when will the trailer come out?

David Ayer's 'Fury' will close the London Film Fest!

Via Indiewire.

Figuring out whether Fury was or was not an awards contender pretty much was a roll of dice. Based on the recent announcement that the film was moved from it's former November release to October, it looked that the film was going to be Columbia's contender. After all, recent winners Argo and 12 Years a Slave were both October releases.

But Fury had no festivals lined up. How can it be an awards contender without a festival berth? But it is now, getting the closing night slot at the London fest before its theatrical debut. Telluride looks to be a strong possibility too...

Trailer below.

First look at Ava Duvernay's 'Selma'

This film is coming out on Dec. 25th before a January expansion, along with recently announced American Sniper, Big Eyes, Paddington, Annie, Unbroken, Into the Woods, and The Interview. Out of all the Christmas flicks, this one sounds very Oscar friendly, and it's coming from a very talented up-and-coming director, Ava Duvernay.

The film follows the Civil Rights movement and Martin Luther King, Jr. The Talented Mr. David Oyelowo is MLK. Here's a first look.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

American Sniper nabs Christmas release!

Via Hollywood Reporter.

Imagine you were in a coma for all of June 2014. You wake up in July. You would probably live the rest of your normal life without knowing Clint Eastwood released a Jersey Boys film, that's how fast the film came and went.

But now, Warner Bros. has announced that they've got the Bradley Cooper-led, true story based, Eastwood-directed American Sniper, slated for Christmas limited release and a nationwide expansion on January 16th.

Why does Warner Bros. need to release this film in 2014?

They need the Oscar nominations. Last year, Gravity nabbed seven Oscars, Her was excellent too, and Argo won Best Picture in 2012. Warner Bros. definitely needs a strong horse to continue their string of successes, and what do they have so far? The Lego Movie, a new Hobbit film, the baity The Good Lie / The Judge, and the hit-or-miss This is Where I Leave You. Interstellar is mostly a Paramount film, one that Warner jumped on ship at the last minute. Inherent Vice, which is allegedly great but apparently too gonzo for Academy tastes.
In my mind, the best thing they've got is

Eastwood, for the most part, is a safe director. American Sniper, being the true story that it is, can work some magic on the Academy. And, Bradley Cooper is now an Academy favorite. He's a strong actor. I sound like I'm hesitant of the film, but I'm amped. American Sniper was one of my most anticipated films of 2015, and getting it early certainly makes up for getting Foxcatcher a year later. Now, Warner Bros., get those trailers for this and Inherent Vice out before I put myself in a coma!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Boyhood (2014) - Movie Review

Afterschool daydreaming. Mom says to pay more attention in class. Rock collections. Crumpled homework. Watching Pokemon on TV. Being six years old and having that friend that introduces you to 'boobs'. Gameboys. That terrible experience of bowling without bumpers. Harry Potter. Star Wars. Camping. Petty arguments with a sibling. Bunk beds. Wii boxing. Awkward middle school conversations with girls (actually just awkward middle school). Supporting Obama in 2008. Parties. The 'talk'. 'Photography. High school football games. Are these my experiences, or Mason's?

Answer: both. For three hours, I watched most of my life's experiences flow back to me through Ellar Coltrane's Mason, a cute young boy that grows into a bold young man. From the opening shot of drifting clouds to a conclusion in the canyons, Boyhood shuttled me through a life so familiar and fantastic, once the credits rolled, I knew with teary eyes that this movie was a masterpiece for the books.

Alongside the fantastic Ellar Coltrane is Patricia Arquette as Mason's flawed but strong mother, Ethan Hawke as his fun-loving father, and the director's daughter Lorelei Linklater as Mason's endearing older sister. All four parts are played like people you would know, and all of it is superb. The movie should've been titled Boyhood 3D, because the main people involved are so complex and multi-layered, and yes, three-dimensional.

Is the movie perfect? In my eyes, it is. No, it's not perfect perfect. It's a little overlong and some supporting characters weave in and out aimlessly (especially Mason's friends), but the movie is like someone you know and love: imperfect, but their imperfections make them quite the opposite. It's not really a movie, but a compilation of memories.

Let's talk a little about me. I'm fifteen years old, and most of the movie was stuff I remembered so well about my life. What is ahead of me in life, I have no idea. I'm afraid. But watching Boyhood showed me what to expect, how to live in the moment. Mason was an excellent tour guide to the future. I love the movie all the more for it.

Richard Linklater, director of last year's Before Midnight, has made the sum of his career, possibly the sum of cinema history.  If you are a parent with children or a child with parents, or none of the above, Boyhood is a movie to remind you of what you once were, and how much you changed, and how that change has changed others. When Boyhood unfolds, you will laugh, you will cry, and you will love.

Also, the soundtrack, featuring Gnarls Barkley, Phoenix, The Black Keys, Vampire Weekend, and Soulja Boy is delightful.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Birdman (2014) to open the Venice Film Festival!

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu has landed a spot on the Lido with his new film, Birdman, starring Michael Keaton and a boatload of other great people. The film premiers on the 27th, and word on the street is that the movie is very, very good, and it is screening in competition. Is this possible our future Golden Lion winner?

Wild (2014) - Trailer and poster!

Reese Witherspoon seems to be working with better material than the baity The Good Lie. The movie looks visually strong. This movie might do wonders for Jean Marc Vallee's career, proving Dallas Buyers Club was no fluke.