Wednesday, August 13, 2014

American Sniper nabs Christmas release!

Via Hollywood Reporter.

Imagine you were in a coma for all of June 2014. You wake up in July. You would probably live the rest of your normal life without knowing Clint Eastwood released a Jersey Boys film, that's how fast the film came and went.

But now, Warner Bros. has announced that they've got the Bradley Cooper-led, true story based, Eastwood-directed American Sniper, slated for Christmas limited release and a nationwide expansion on January 16th.

Why does Warner Bros. need to release this film in 2014?

They need the Oscar nominations. Last year, Gravity nabbed seven Oscars, Her was excellent too, and Argo won Best Picture in 2012. Warner Bros. definitely needs a strong horse to continue their string of successes, and what do they have so far? The Lego Movie, a new Hobbit film, the baity The Good Lie / The Judge, and the hit-or-miss This is Where I Leave You. Interstellar is mostly a Paramount film, one that Warner jumped on ship at the last minute. Inherent Vice, which is allegedly great but apparently too gonzo for Academy tastes.
In my mind, the best thing they've got is

Eastwood, for the most part, is a safe director. American Sniper, being the true story that it is, can work some magic on the Academy. And, Bradley Cooper is now an Academy favorite. He's a strong actor. I sound like I'm hesitant of the film, but I'm amped. American Sniper was one of my most anticipated films of 2015, and getting it early certainly makes up for getting Foxcatcher a year later. Now, Warner Bros., get those trailers for this and Inherent Vice out before I put myself in a coma!

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