Friday, January 6, 2012

DGA's: The turning point come Oscars.

What do I mean? This has been on my mind for the longest time. Recently, Sasha Stone of AwardsDaily said that Tate Taylor of  The Help will make the cut come Monday. I'm scared.

So today I saw Bridesmaids. I liked it, but to rank it above The Tree of Life at the PGA's? Were the voters high or something? If Terrence Malick makes the cut for Best Director, he will not only save his biographical masterpiece from not making the cut, it will damage Bridesmaids, too. Unless, Bridesmaids take a stake at the #8 spot belonging to Moneyball.

The thing is, if Tate Taylor makes it as Best Director, that would be bad. I mean, The Help was terrific and all, but does Tate deserve it? He could at least make a few more films before we could make a final judgement.

Really, I don't hate Bridesmaids. It can go take a Best Original Screenplay nom for all I care. If director Paul Feig makes it in, though, for Bridesmaids is a Best Picture LOCK!

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