Monday, March 5, 2012

Oscar Opinions: War Horse (2011)

So I'm still pondering the greatness of Malick's Tree. Gallop with me on my thoughts of War Horse. Well, it's my bad that I was too lazy to write some other Oscar Opinions, but finally, I did it.

I wrote a review for my school newspaper, and you can read my review below.

"Have you ever been close to something, even attached? That’s Albert’s situation in Spielberg’s War Horse, about Joey the horse’s life on the WWI battlefield. The beginning starts of almost like an unfunny comedy, with flimsy dialogue and unfitting music. As the war evolves, the film improves rapidly to an incredible war film. The film could be a masterpiece, but the first 30 minutes hurt the film’s chance of perfection."

The stuff is true. What is posted above is 100% true. I hated the beginning, and I could see why people didn't like it, like Christy Lemire.

My favorite scene was actually an emotional act of violence. In the film, there were two brothers that I didn't care for. In the end of their story, they are killed off by a windmill. Janusz Kaminski shoots the scene well, to keep the film's PG-13 rating, he films it in the perspective of the windmill. When the blade isn't visible, the brothers are at gunpoint. the blade spins, and when the next blade is coming around, their bodies are on the ground. It was a genuine moment of good cinematography.

So I thought it was an exaggeration when they said that the horse Joey had a good performance and was almost his own character. The critics don't lie, Joey the horse is a genuine and heartfelt character. What makes his acting the best in the film is that the others roles were too short to determine greatness, and Irvine was just OK as an annoying voiced horse-loving boy.

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