Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oscars Analysis

So last Sunday was the Oscars. Am I mad? Slightly. Am I disoppointed? Slightly. But did I laugh? Yes, I did. Billy Crystal was quite an improvement over Anne Hathaway, and I'm not counting Franco because he really didn't host. On my predictions I posted, I decided to list the 8 big categories: Best Picture, Director, Acting, and Writing. I only missed one, and that was Meryl Streep for Best Actress. Throughout the show, I was shocked with the Hugo success. I though it would only win Best Sound Editing and Sound Mixing. Stealing cinematography The Tree of Life? Really?

Anyways, I analyzed the list of winners, and saw that Hugo and The Artist both nabbed 5 awards. The Overrated Iron Lady was the only other film to get more than one award, taking Best Makeup and Best Actress. And I though The Help would be the other film to get more than one!

In the Best Editing, I was surprised with Dragon Tatoo's success. It was snubbed for Best Picture and Best Score, and I thought the music was the year's most badass. Judging from the trailer's, Tattoo looks like it was snazzily edited, but its win was still a surprise.

I did some predictions on the Oscar website, and I got 17 right out of 24. The main ones I missed were Best Cinematography and Actress, and got a 70.83% overall. Not bad for my second year, and last year I got a 54.16%, so I'm shooting for the stars for next year.

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