Saturday, August 4, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom (2012): Once upon a time in the Wes.

Once upon a time, Martin Scorsese, was asked who would succeed him. His answer? The little known Wes Anderson, hot off the heels of Bottle Rocket. After viewing Tenenbaums, Mr. Fox, Darjeeling, and finally Moonrise Kingdom, I'm proud to say that his latest might be his greatest.

Moonrise Kingdom is the 2nd film in 2 years about kids who go to church and face the troubles of growing up, 1st being The Tree of Life. All kidding aside, this is a funny, maybe moving coming-of-age story. This should be required viewing for all teens, like me.

The story, not mainly about church, I about two outsider kids (M&F) who run away together. Their search affects everyone on the small island of New Penezance.

I want to praise the comedic genius of the script, but I give the main praise to the cast. The child acting is great, and the adult acting rivals well. There's a short almost cameo by Tilda Swintpn that really is quite fun to watch.

So, once upon a time, the great Scorsese said the unknown Wes Anderson would succeed him. Did he? Not yet, but if he makes more movies like this, maybe.

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