Friday, May 17, 2013

Cannes we do it?

I am a special type of film journalist. I am a teenager, I go to school, and I post infrequently. And since I am all 3 of these traits, it comes as no surprise that I am not going to the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. I am basing my thoughts and soon-to-be festival award predictions on what I read. Here's some thoughts on the films that anticipate, based on my skimmings:

A satire on the ideas of fame and aging, but has an odd directorial style. Odd in the respect of being equally unclear and fascinating. From what I've heard, the film is gorgeous and Robin Wright is great at playing a variation of herself.

A fancy film, one about a candy-colored craze tiptoeing into houses every night. Again, another divisive film due to directorial style. Some say it is a reflection of today's society, some call it like a music video. Opener of the Un Certain Regard, and praise upon this is most definitely uncertain.

Definitely one of the best films of the festival so far. Universally praised, many declaring Farhadi as a master of human drama. Looks great, can't wait.

An unflinching and frightening Mexican drama. I honestly don't know much else.

Supposedly, a heavy handed film for a serious topic. Breakout film for most everyone involved.

Can't wait for more Cannes news? Check back here soon for more!

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