Tuesday, October 22, 2013

BREAKING: The Monuments Men moved to 2014!

First The Wolf of Wall Street moved to Christmas Day, but now we have a shake up bigger than the one for Foxcatcher: George Clooney's latest is pushing for a February 2014 release date instead of a December one, stating "the film's visual effects could not be completed in time". Based on the article from the LA Times, it appears Clooney was under a lot of pressure to make the film by the deadline, and that seemed impossible.

Way back in July, when GoldDerby released a claim that The Monuments Men would gun for below-the-line categories due to the film being 'popcorn fare'. Visual Effects was one of them, before the theory was debunked. It is now fully possible that it was Clooney's intention to make a good film instead of what appeared to be Oscar bait. It's a smart move by Clooney, especially since the film was caught in the middle of a jam packed year. I mean, if filming concludes in July, you can't expect to get the desired film without more time.

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