Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Hunt (2012)- Movie Review

After the explosive acclaim of The Celebration, Thomas Vinterberg hit a rough patch in his filmmaking. In 2012, The Hunt was released to great reviews and resulted in lead actor Mads Mikkelson winning the Best Actor prize at Cannes. He was 100% worthy of the award.

The film follows Mikkelson as a daycare facilitator, Lucas. All of the kids love him. He is kind, friendly, and the most fun. His best friend, Theo, has a daughter that attends the daycare named Klara. Klara one day gives Lucas a kiss on the lips. Lucas, surprised, tells Klara that was not the right thing to do. In her confusion and anger, Klara does something unthinkable within the vain of child naiveity, and Lucas takes the fall.

This is a roller coaster of a film, from start to finish. Vinterberg fills the film full with discomfort and angst, and nearly every scene contains Mikkelson's Lucas. The consequences that Mikkelson has to endure get increasingly worse, and its all within reality. Mikkelson is really great as the film's emotional anchor. This is the sort of film you watch for yourself to make a judgment. My judgment is that this is a very good film, worthy of awards.

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