Friday, May 25, 2012

Could'a been a Cannes-tender: My award predictions...

Cannes Film Festival ends in two days, and it's been kind of a disappointment. The Paperboy, Lawless, and many others have been divisive disappointments, and other films have been middling and mediocre. The high points, though, have been Moonrise Kingdom, Love, Rust and Bone, Holy Motors, and maybe On the Road.

What will take home the Palme d'Or, however? I would change my old opinion of Cosmopolis to Love, but Haneke was already awarded two years ago. Cannes is like that, not rewarding the same director twice. I originally thought Moonrise Kingdom would be cute show, but now its an actual contender. I don't see it winning the Gold, but it might win the Jury Prize or even Grand Prix. This makes me want to give it to Rust and Bone. It probably won't go to Rust, but I think the lovely Cotillard might win Best Actress. I mean, it's French film with the main character being paralyzed! Last time a film like that was entered (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), it didn't go empty handed!
That means I'm down to Holy Motors and On the Road. I think it might go to Holy Motors at the moment, but I won't be surprised if the unscreened Mud takes the prize, too. Love will take the Grand Prix, leaving Moonrise Kingdom with the Grand Jury Prize

For the acting, I believe that Cosmopolis won't leave empty-handedly. Pattinson's critically acclaimed turn could actually benefits from his Twilight roles, for his transformation is so extreme. I'm going out on a limb and saying he will win Best Actor. As previously stated, I think Marion Cotillard will take Best Actress.

Palme d'Or: Holy Motors
Grand Prix: Love (Amour)
Grand Jury Prize: Moonrise Kingdom
Best Actor: Rob Patty, Cosmopolis
Best Actress: Mary Cotilly, Rust and Bone

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