Monday, October 15, 2012

Argo (2012): The years' crowdpleaser. (3½ Stars Out of Four)

Argo by Ben Affleck, is the year's most fun movie as of now. It is so thrilling, so crazy, and so humorous at times, you just feel the urge to stand up and cheer.

Recently given an A+by audiences, Argo is the definition of a crowdpleaser. It has you at the edge of your seat at times, and other times, kicking back and enjoying a stupid line by Alan Arkin.

The direction in this stellar. Ben knows what he is doing behind the camera, and it is evident. There are no stupid, unnecessary scene. Each character is fleshed out and has their time to shine. Ben went so far to use different film stocks for each setting, which in my opinion, is genius.

The performances are rousing and great. Ben Affleck succeeds in acting in his own movie, and Bryan Cranston is able to escape the Walter White persona with ease. The two stars are really John Goodman and Alan Arkin, who probably got the best lines in the movie. They escape into their roles as Hollywood men, and Ben does a good job showing it.

The pacing is well done, and the editing is nomination worthy. Some problems are that the film feels dated at times, and a retread of many heist films. Still, it is a bonafide nomination  and Ben Affleck is on track to be one of the best directors working today.

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