Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Best Screenplay (Original and Adapted) predictions.

1. The Master
Yes, my obession with PT Anderson's latest will thrive. The Los Angeles Film Critics Association will give it the prize, which will boost it's chances. The film is very divisive, but those who love it, LOVE it.

2. Django Unchained
The main thing hindering Tarantino is the fact that he already won for Pulp Fiction. Dually noted, one of the main things helping him is the fact that he's the guy that wrote Pulp Fiction. Also, the film won a Hollywood Film Award prize, if that is saying anything.

3. Zero Dark Thirty
Chassy is praising the script, saying its the best script she has ever read. I don't think she read Sunset Boulevard.... Anyways, this film will appeal to the same Hurt Locker fans, and Sony/Annapurna have been intentionally adjusting the release date. They know they have something special on their hands.

4. Amour
It's a foreign film, and a great one. The last great foreign film was A Separation, which managed to nab a nomination. This will appeal to the same crowd, and more.. or Amour?

5. Moonrise Kingdom
Wes Anderson last got a nomination 11 years ago with his masterful Royal Tenenbaums. He's well overdo for a nom, and will get it.

1. Argo
Ben Affleck's Argo is the frontrunner in many categories right now, and Weinstein might have overstayed his welcome. Also, Terrio's script is razor sharp and undeniably memorable.

2. Silver Linings Playbook
Next month this film could be the frontrunner, but right now it is where it is at... Critics are loving it, and so are audiences, but will this film's topic bid well with the Academy?

3. Lincoln
Two names: Spielberg and Tony Kushner. You can figure out its popularity by itself.

4. Life of Pi
Give praise to David Magee for adapting a very difficult script out of the impossibly difficult Life of Pi. This will be treated like 127 Hours.

5. Beasts of the Southern Wild
This film feels so unabashedly original, it will get a screenplay nomination just because it exists. I have problems with the script, but a victory for this film could redefine independent film forever. No joke.

The cycle must continue, I will repeat my predictions, and add reviews for coming films like Flight, Skyfall, Lincoln, and Life of Pi.

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