Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oscar Opinions: Life of Pi (2012)

A great scene in a good movie.
A good movie, but an even greater book.

Life of Pi was a great book because we could easily see the uses of perspective Yann Martel used, one from old Pi's view, Pi on the boat's view, and a writer's view. The movie scripted by David Magee employed all three, but not to the same effect. Ang Lee should be commended for his visual genius he applied to the film, but the book, in my eyes, will remain unadaptable. No film can capture the perspective Martel was able to convey. On its own, though, Pi is still very enjoyable.

Props to the visual team for creating a CGI beast that we (the audience) can feel attached to emotionally. I really liked that tiger, Richard Parker. Suraj Sharma is also very good as a performer, for he was able to carry one hour of the drama alone with a blue-screen tiger without me being bored or infuriated.

There are many wonderful scenes in the movie, but the one shot when Pi is on the boat and Richard Parker is on the boat, and roars, is a spine-tingling scene.

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