Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oscar Opinons: Amour (2012)

So I was thinking, Oscars are coming up... and then I realized I've been slacking on my 'Oscar Opinions' segment I did last year. This year, again, I've seen all 9 nominees, and here are my thoughts.

Amour is a real heart-ripper. Everything about it is perfect, especially Trintignant and the screenplay by my favorite Twitter-er @Michael_Haneke. One thing that Haneke nailed is the characterization of Trintignant's Georges, a loving husband. The film has never a dull moment, and scene feel drawn out with good reason. The film is smart, engaging, and emotional. I would love to give it 4 stars now, but I realize the level of rewatchability is close to zero. I do feel Isabelle Huppert's character was a little underdeveloped, but this is just me now looking for qualms.

Anne (Emmanuelle Riva) is being spoon fed by Georges. Georges tries to feed her canned peaches, but she refuse by making the only noise she can- a grunt that hardly sounds like French. In frustration, Georges slaps her. It's gross, but it's heartwarming  when almost immediately Georges apologizes. Anne is equally devastated  and the viewer can see it in her eyes.

As previously stated, I believe Trintignant was the best performance. His skill displayed as loving-animalistic and back again is so deft. I might as well include Riva into this too, the couple seem perfect together throughout the two hours. In a perfect world, the pair would be winning 'Best Couple' awards everywhere.

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