Friday, November 23, 2012

Argo loses its lead to 'Les Mis', Anne Hathaway WILL win Best Supporting Actress.

'Les Mis' had its first screening today in the Big Apple, and to say it was overwhelming is an understatement.

Tweets across the interwebs report 'standing ovations', and a rather spectacular 'I Dreamed a Dream', sung by a skinny Catwoman. The acting in the film is allegedly described as 'superb', and Anne Hathaway as the runaway leader. Since Jessica Chastain is going lead for 'Zero Dark Thirty', Catwoman is going to have very little competition. And since the acting is great, the actors branch will give this the BP nom, and maybe even the win.

Since this film is a musical, and very epic, the Acadeny is clamoring for both, since both have been missing from the BP lineup for awhile. The win for the film could also change the way studios treat their releases due to the tides of independent films like 'Slumdog', 'Hurt Locker', 'King's Speech'...

Tom Hooper will also do well with the directors branch, since he was a previous winner in 2010. The art direction and the costume design will also be victors. It's been awhile since a film has swept the Oscars, and this will be it.

On the bright side for me, 'The Master', will probably win 2 Oscars, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor (Hoffman). Maybe it could win Best Actor.

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