Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Artist (2011), 4/4 Stars

I love Charlie Chaplin films. Modern Times? One of the best of all time! The thing about Modern Times is that it's not a complete silent film- there's some sound. That's the same situation with Michel Hazanavicus' The Artist.

The Artist tells of George Valentin, a popular silent film star. One fan of his, Peppy Miller, accidentally becomes a big star when meeting him. Soon, Miller surpasses Valentin when she joins the sound wave.

Soon, Valentin hits a low. His butler is fired, and his wife dumps him and his stuff. Not only that, his wife tells him to see the movie Beauty Spot, the movie throwing Peppy into fame.

It's amazing how fun, funny, and equally depressing the film is. The dog Uggie provides wonderful comic relief, and is worthy of a Best Supporting Actor nod. The tribualtions of George, however, are so painful and wrenching.

This is easily one of the year's best films. This is unique, funny, sad, and ultimately lovable.

4/4 Stars

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