Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009), 1.5/4 Stars

,It was a wonderful kids book. But why, oh why, is it a movie?

The book starts off as a story told by a grandfather. The old fellow tells his kids, while he flips pancakes, about a town called Chewandswallow. There were no main characters in the senior's story. There were events.

The movie, however, starts off with a little kid. Flint dreams of being a scientist, after a failed class experiment that disfigures his feet for the rest of his life. He fails as a scientist, until he builds a machine in Swallow Falls that makes hydration into food.

I don't know what happened in the movie, but after the machine is successful, the town's name is Chewandswallow. Continuity, or my blindness, either way I won't watch the movie again.

The book had a nice, comic book-like 2D art style. I have know idea why Sony Animation chose to make the movie look 3D, or let alone make the movie.

There are multiple characters not from the book that are shoved in the movie: Flint (as stated above),Reporter Sam Sparks and Mr. T's cop character. Were you supposed to feel romance between Sparks and Flint? I feel it was a more like melodramatic sap to appeal to a younger generation.

Mr.T. What a character. Was this cop made to chase Flint around, like Sacha Baron Cohen being able to chase Asa Butterfield? It looked almost pathetic, seeing animated men of a similar age chase another.

In another scene, the cop and his family is seen riding in a piece of pizza. His son almost died a few minutes ago. But with a piece of pizza as a raft, does it make the mood comical, or sentimental? I would say pathetic.

Sure the colors dazzle, but it means jack to those who liked the book. Suffice to say, the point of the film is hard to swallow.

1.5/4 Stars

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