Sunday, December 18, 2011

When You Find Me (2011), 2/4 Stars

When You Find Me is a very unique way of making a film.I'm sure you've seen ads on RottenTomatoes, YouTube, and other sites.

Camera company Canon and Ron Howard both produce and help with the film. The behind-the-scenes work sounds even better than the film itself. You see, users can submit photos that relate to screenplay aspects (setting, time, character, mood, relationship, goal, obstacle, and the unknown). With all this unusual production, I couldn't help but assume the movie would be... weird. And, it is!

It's not memorable at all, to begin with. It's been about an hour since I've seen the film, and I don't remember the characters names. There's two sisters, however. One young, one old. There's no real back-story either, but the film was easy enough to follow.

The mother is dying. They get a call that she won't make it, but the sisters arrival is delayed because the junior kept on playing. When the sisters arrive, the mother is dead.

One night, the youngest dreams of heaven, and spacecraft. She runs off to the burial ground, and is reluctantly chased by her sister to go home.

It's very interesting to see how the situation played out. I hate to bring up The Tree of Life, but there is a scene in heaven that is very derivative toward it. In the scene, the ghostly mother stands by a tree, almost like Chastain saying "You'll be grown before that tree is tall." Just a small quibble, though.

All in all, the movie has interesting production, but not much else.

2/4 Stars

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