Sunday, February 19, 2012

Oscar Opinions: The Artist

So the Academy Awards are in a week, and I can't help but think of the Best Picture nominees. The ones I love, the one I especially love, and the one I loathe. I have finally seen each film, and I will write some opinions of the films. To begin, The Artist.

I previously reviewed this film, giving this 4/4 Stars. Instead, with a new grading system, I will instead grant it an "A-". I thought on the basis of a film from 2011, it was the 2nd best. On the basis of a silent film, it takes silence as a gimmick. I also didn't think highly of the Original Score by Ludovic Bource. The film will win for music, but my vote goes to Hugo. As gimmicky as The Artist is, its a great film no matter what. It is 100% worthy of an "A-"

Each film needs a camera to be made, and there are little moments in each Best Picture nominee that make it standout. In The Artist, there was one certain scene that made me happy. There's a scene when George, the main character, burns down his place. Unconscious from the fumes, his adorable dog Uggie runs out to save the day. It's just such a cute moment, seeing Uggie run down the street, little legs and all.

So Dujardin and Bejo were nominated. Did they bring out the best performance of the film? I don't think so. The best performance was from the fluffy little dog, Uggie. Uggie watches his master fall, and occasionally makes movies with the woman George helped. It's a very cute performance, and a slight gimmick.

That's all I have to say about The Artist. Look out this afternoon for thoughts about Alexander Payne's The Descendants.

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