Monday, February 20, 2012

Oscar Opinions: The Help

So profits from The Help are in the black. Never mind.

Judging from the trailer, I honestly thought this movie would be a clunker. Mixing comedy and drama, about black maids? No big celebs either. 3-star reviews. Yeah...

Turns out, the film went above $100 Mil, and was in my local theater 'til 2 weeks ago. I thought the audience would be book-club members and girls, but I liked it too. On my old star-system, I gave it a 3.5, but with letter grade, it has a 'B+'. Hence, you can see it listed on 'Chinese Appease'.
There is no doubt in my mind that the best scene in The Help is the end. Bryce Dallas Howard brings her best, but it's Davis that makes the scene so wrenching. There's so much that the character Aibileen has to give away for the better, which makes this scene the best in the whole movie.

If you ask anyone in this Oscar biz what the Best Performance is, they'll tell you that the whole Cast was great. But the standout was Davis. Her performance was quite similar to the one in Doubt, but Tate Taylor gave Davis a chance to stick out. It's a strong performance, subtle but loud. There's no way to forget it.

Check back tonight/tomorrow for thoughts about Scorsese's love letter Hugo.

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