Sunday, February 19, 2012

Oscar Opinions: The Descendants

The Descendants. Ah. Not Payne's best, that's still held by Sideways, but it's still pretty great.

So on my old Star-system, this film held a cozy 3.5/4 Stars. With a letter-scale adjustment, I can't help but promote it to an "A-". What the film has is drama, heart, comedy, conflict, and great performances. What it lacks is rewatch-ability. I cannot see myself watching the film again. It's just... I know what happens, know suspense, and no edge-of-your-seat laughs from watching it again. Still, "A-"

There's a moment in the film when Matt King (George Clooney) walks outside the hospital that his wife is in.  He's smiling, and he's happy for the first time in the film. Right above him is a cherry tree blossom, and the sky is blue as a colored pencil. It's probably the best part of the film, for how much pain Matt has gone through, to finally feel a moment of satisfaction.

So George Clooney was nominated, and he honestly brings the best performance of the film. I liked Nick Krause as a loopy 20-year old Sid, or Amara Miller as the young kid Scottie. Clooney can act sad, mad, or previously stated, happy. It's one of the year's best performances.

Look out tonight/tomorrow, as I reluctantly revisit Extremely Loud & Incredible Close.

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