Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oscar Opinions: Hugo

More magical than Harry Potter. Moving on.

Trivia: Hugo was adapted from Selznick's 'THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET'. When I heard the film was to be directed by Scorsese, I thought two things: 1) Where's Leo? 2) HOLY MOLY! MARTIN SCORSESE, DIRECTOR OF RAGING BULL, IS DIRECTING A MOVIE BASED OF ONE OF THE BEST KIDS BOOKS OF THE PAST YEARS! YES!

I don't mean to boast, but I predicted Hugo right after the horrible trailer. Honestly, I was predicting only for Scorsese. After viewing the film for the first time, I was mixed. I didn't like Baron Cohen, I didn't like some of the visual style, and I didn't like the kids. The 3D helped though. The 2nd time I saw it, I actually saw some coherence in the changes of the story. Yes, John Logan changed the story a bit, but it was a good movie. I gave it an 'A-', and you can see it listed under Chinese Appease.

My favorite scene. Hugo is scattered with good scenes, but not one I could call great. The best scene, in my opinion, is probably when Marty Scorsese is a photographer. I just found the 2 second cut so funny, with Marty and his humongous eyebrows. Classic Scorsese.

I probably think Ben Kingsley brought his A-Game to this. I could say Sacha Baron Cohen if all he did was drama, but his performance was a subtle Borat. Kingsley was obviously a man in despair, and it was a great performance. Unfortunately, I don't think any cast members here deserve an Oscar. Kingsley, good as he was, has had better performances. Also, there's better performances out this year.

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