Thursday, December 20, 2012

Amour (2012)- The most intense movie of the year (Yes Argo, more intense than you). [SPOILERS]

Amour, by Michael Haneke, is a poignant film that mainly takes place in one apartment. Is that a problem? No, since Jean-Louis Tritignant, Emanuelle Riva, and a pigeon make it all work.

The film starts with a door being broken down. The fire brigade shows up to a solitary old man's home, and they find... an old woman, his wife Anne, dead. This isn't explained, but assumed. This happens throughout the whole movie.

After a title, the film flashes back. Georges and Anne are old people, but they're still in love. Anne's health starts to deteriorate, and George takes care of her because he loves her. George comes back from a funeral, commenting on how shoddy it was. Anne, unable to walk, comments that she doesn't like living anymore. And Georges can't come to terms with that... because he loves her,

This all happens within the first 30 minutes of a two-hour film. The next 90 minutes that follow are harrowing moments in Anne's deterioration, and Georges puts their love to the test.

The film's ending is probably the most harrowing part of the film. Anne is on her deathbed. Georges loves her, and suffocates her with a pillow. He kills her because loves her. It's what she always wanted, because she didn't want to live anymore. The fire brigade scenes tie in, and the film ends.

This film does not come recommended to all people. It's a tough watch, and Emanuelle Riva plays her part masterfully as she gradually fades away from living. Jean-Louis Trintignant might be the bravest, strongest hero of the year as he supports Anne with love.

Georges is also very moody throughout. This is because his love is tested and he is a human character, well written by Michael Haneke. See this, but this isn't worth seeing if you want to be entertained.

3.5/4 Stars

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