Monday, December 31, 2012

Who is going to win Best Actress? It's a three-horse race.

Winning Best Actress would
not be... 'Impossible' *groan*
I've passionately supported Jessica Chastain to win Best Actress. The Golden Globes will not tell us anything, since Jennifer Lawrence is in the comedy category, and Chastain is in the drama category. Lawrence has an easy win, and I initially thought Chastain had another easy race, but as the Navy SEALS say- 'No Easy Day'. I never realized how much of a boost Watts was getting by SAG and Golden Globes, and she is quite popular in the industry. Do not be surprised if Watts surprises with a Globes win, so SAG might truly be the best way to determine the winner.

Consider that last year's SAG winner Viola Davis lost in Streep sympathy vote, and Watts just might win in a 'sorry we forgot to nominate you for Fair Game and whatever else' surprise. Lawrence is just still too young to win, by voters standards. Chastain is uber-popular and hopefully wins. I honestly don't know who will win. It's a three-horse race, and anyone can win.

Speaking of horse races, here is a video of a horse that began last and strode up to first. ARRRRRR!


  1. Lawrence is too young? Sure she is young, plenty of Oscars have gone to young women. Hilary Swank, Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron I believe were all in their 20's when they got their Oscars.

    1. Jennifer Lawrence is 22. One of your cited examples is Hilary Swank, who won she was 25. J. Law, if she wins, will be the second youngest Best Actress winner if she wins, behind the 21 year old Marlee Matlin. Jen has a very, very bright career ahead of her, and she will probably get her win in 5 years time. Think of this like how Natalie Portman lost her Oscar for Closer, maybe because her previous work included Star Wars. The old white men in the Academy will probably wait for Jen to mature as an actress before they give her an award.